Ninang ko Po!

I’m starting it! I’m starting it! I’m starting it!

I don’t know what I’m starting but I am doing something new!

Ninang ko Po! is a blog about Ninang duties. “Ninang” is a Filipino word for Godmother- someone who serves as a 2nd parent to children (after baptism or dedication) and couples (after a wedding), and in this blog, whoever needs to have a another perspective on life or another way of hearing things (most are what your parents are actually telling you already). “Ninang ko Po”, actually from “Nanang ko Po!” or “InangKoPo!”  is an expression of utter surprise because of an unexpected or anxiety-causing event or person ☺️.

Why “Ninang ko Po!”? I remember growing up in Bolbok, Batangas City, growing up being called “Ninang” by people (especially children of course) in our community. By the time I reached 16 yo I have been a Godmother to around 25 children who mostly I play with! (But my “social Brotherfly” Jocas definitely overtook this number!) Maybe it’s the status or kindness of my parents? Or maybe parents love to see me play with their kids. Whatever made me Ninang, made me what I love to be, a Ninang who cares (and by the grace of God– couldn’t keep that as a secret– for all!). And of course, that expression “Ninang ko Po!” for anything that may come as a surprise like a sudden enlightenment or experience people can learn from; or advices some may think as unusual or weird  (Ninangkopo!) but hopefully eventually will make sense.😊

Ninang ko Po!! Words of wisdom, funny (what others thought were funny) quips, answers to queries, bible verses (definitely!) from our ultimate Father (!), and whatever comes to mind which I think are worth sharing!

I will start with recycled thoughts from the past..(sorry).. Ok no apologies.. Just courage, humility (to be Criticized), and what every parent and 2nd parent, and all should have.. Love. Until new things come from our God of wonder, wisdom, and love.

I don’t know if they will shut down blogs if there are no posts but then I’ll restart again!

Ninang ko Po!!! (Ganyan talaga!) 😋😋😋