HOPE AGAINST HOPE Is there hope for our country? We are markedly divided about decisions (FOR versus AGAINST) on issues whose significance further divides us (TRIVIAL versus RELEVANT). And we are infiltrated by Amoral people without identity who liberally spew abusive words without regard for what is humanely acceptable, simply because they are accountable to … Continue reading HOPE AGAINST HOPE


SENSE OF OFFENSE, SENSE OF DEFENSE Who is sensitive and does not easily get offended? Who is sensitive and not readily become suspicious of what others really mean? Sensitivity gives us better capability and capacity to empathize and understand. But it also makes life harder when we put inappropriate meaning (and feeling!) to what another … Continue reading SENSE OF OFFENSE, SENSE OF DEFENSE

The Feast in Defeat (DeFeast Ninang?)

The Feast in Defeat People can easily write about victory and achievements but who will write about losing? Who would want to reveal any weakness? Who in fact will be inspired by people not making it? We feel uncomfortable when people talk about failing an exam, repeating a grade level, losing a contest, or not … Continue reading The Feast in Defeat (DeFeast Ninang?)

IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS (Text greeting na Lang Ninang?)

IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS (Text greeting na Lang Ninang?) Where have the Christmas cards gone (musical card Ninang? "Hindi pa uso dati yun.") I remember when I was in elementary, I used to write Christmas Cards to a number of my classmates. I can't remember buying gifts; I remember preparing cards. I'm not sure … Continue reading IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS (Text greeting na Lang Ninang?)

Simply Complicated (oxymoron Ninang!)

SIMPLY COMPLICATED "Buti pa dati Connie, simple lang ang buhay." Once in a while I will remember my bestfriend telling me a few years back. And this is coming from a simple friend from the province who taught me to appreciate the smallest things. "Wow! Ang Ganda!" she will often blurt out. I can't remember … Continue reading Simply Complicated (oxymoron Ninang!)

JOY TO THE WORLD.. Still! (Mano Po Ninang!)

Joy to the World.. Still! (Mano Po Ninang!) Christmas season is here and I'm not particularly feeling "Christmasy" inside. We've decorated the house but the warm christmas feeling is not yet there. Tasks, problems, plans (or absence of), property taxes, end of year payments, end of year expenses, allergies, steroids, antihistamine (ok maybe these meds … Continue reading JOY TO THE WORLD.. Still! (Mano Po Ninang!)