SILENT APPLAUSE We thrive in affirmation. We love to see, hear, feel, even taste (!) affirmation. Nodding heads, commendations, pats on the back, meal treats (!)- they bring us addicting satisfacti… Source: SILENT APPLAUSE


WHEN "c" BECOMES "d" (That's Dyslexia Ninang!) I was giving an exam feedback (answers to test questions) to medical students and there was this Answer that caused an uproar from the class. I checked the answer twice, agreed that it's questionable, and recorded the answer of the "expressive" majority. The faculty who made the question … Continue reading WHEN “c” BECOMES “d”

THE TRIPPING POINT (wrong spelling Ninang..)

THE TRIPPING POINT No, it has not been misspelled. No, not "tipping" point,  but "tripping" point. This is not the time when small things contribute to big successes, as in the book of Malcom Gladwell. On the contrary, it's how success and power, when used wrongly can lead to failure. "Tripping point", a.k.a. "power tripping", … Continue reading THE TRIPPING POINT (wrong spelling Ninang..)