STAR FOR ALL SEASONS Kamukha ko raw si ate Vi (star for all seasons Ninang!). Well, I think lahat ng maikli Ang buhok, oval yung face, at maputi ay kamukha ni Ate Vi. In fact, my mother also looks … Source: STAR FOR ALL SEASONS

BREAKTHROUGHHHHHHH (Ninang! One Moment in Time!)

BREAKTHROUGHHHHHHH (Ninang! One Moment in Time!) I used to just swim for a minute before I feel my lung almost bursting. Then in that one fine day in a resort in Palawan, I learned to breathe properly while swimming (you can exhale even outside the water!). Now I can do 10 laps continuously--oh maybe just … Continue reading BREAKTHROUGHHHHHHH (Ninang! One Moment in Time!)