WHEN “c” BECOMES “d” (That’s Dyslexia Ninang!)

I was giving an exam feedback (answers to test questions) to medical students and there was this Answer that caused an uproar from the class. I checked the answer twice, agreed that it’s questionable, and recorded the answer of the “expressive” majority. The faculty who made the question (several teachers contributed to the test) will eventually give the final decision to the query. I also acknowledged the wisdom of a reputable medical student (top of the class), and asked what her answer was. She gave a different answer (than the rest), and to make things less complicated for me (this in itself is a sign of things going wrong!), I shrugged it off and didn’t record.

When “c” becomes “d” is when the same (smartest) student approached me defended her answer (and really diplomatically at that!) and found out C, her answer, is the one actually on the answer key (Ninang! Kakahiya! ‘Tama ka Dyan. Can I hide?’ 😬). When ‘c’ becomes ‘d’ is the time I question if I am having beginning Alzheimer’s disease, and whether I should continue teaching Pharmacology (Haha! Ninangkopo! Overacting Ninang!!). When ‘c’ becomes ‘d’ is a time for humility, forgiving of self 😊, and heeding to truth and knowledge beyond what the majority thinks (though a democratic process is one which works in many other areas).

About quitting Pharmacology (Ninang OA talaga! 😋), many times we tend to oversize problems (is this just for women?), mistakes (is this just for OC’s) and forget we are functioning quite well in many other things (or topics or talents or skills). We think (hopefully temporarily) our blunders and shortcomings spell who we are, and forget the blessings and affirmation we have been given in the past (is this just me?). When “c” becomes “d”, it’s only FOR A TIME and the REST of the ALPHABET is AS IS (you are still loved! And you can still teach Pharmacology! ‘Yay!’). We just hope there’s indeed someone with enough faith and courage to point our mistake. And we have enough humility to acknowledge and not hide it (wait, are we talking about Sin Ninang? ‘Pwede!’)

When “C” becomes “D” for you, there is always ANOTHER CHANCE. It’s not the end of the line. There are chances beyond. Probably not the exact same test but opportunities towards the same goal (a different exam! 😬). When “C” becomes “D”, it means you are just like everybody. We all fail sometime and even in bigger things (and they have another chance too!). Let not what’s on paper, determine your reality–that you’re breathing, you are always loved (at least by God, and most often by your family and friends!), and you can DO BETTER next time (Ninang are we now talking of the medical boards and Pharma exams? ‘Pwede!’)

Regarding listening to the majority, the speaking majority is not always right (take note NOT ALWAYS, but they can be!) And the reliable quiet one who waits for her time to be heard, we should listen too. We shouldn’t justify the choice of the majority (is this about Duterte?🤔) APART from seeking the TRUTH (what is right and what is good), regardless of who and how many say it (are we talking about the prisoner witnesses?🤔) Always consider the case of the wise (Who is wise Ninang?). Pray for wisdom, HOLd your judgment, ask and listen to the HOLy Spirit (Yes I do believe!)

WHEN “c” BECOMES “d”, it can be dyslexia (oh No Ninang? ‘But now compensated, according to a friend and colleague’ 🙂)…Or maybe just a time to change eyeglasses🤓😎 (hmmmm.. expensive..).. Or better yet, as in the above, a Call to Change PERSPECTIVE .
– Ninang thoughts after 3 weeks of a Pharma course (‘yehey tapos na!– may lab and 3rd exam pa, may OSI modules pa, may buhay pa.. Yehey!’)

“Better a poor but wise youth than an old but foolish king who no longer knows how to take warning.” (Ecclesiastes 4:13)

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known..Therefore consider carefully how you listen. .” (Our Lord and Savior Jesus in Luke 8:17-18)

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