The Chronicles of Ninang (Part I)


“You have made known to me the path of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence,
with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” (Psalms 16:11)

I think one of the most important things that keep a couple together is being able to laugh at each other’s mistakes (and oneself) without getting offended. Although it’s Eric mostly laughing at me; and I’m glad he did this only when we became husband and wife. Otherwise, I would have rejected him (kidding!); of course now I don’t have a choice but laugh with him (hahaha!).. At me (haha! Hmmmmmm). Below is the partial unwritten chronicles of my lovable (only he thinks that 😬) blunders he said he should write about (no! I’m writing it!😋).

1. Several years ago, we were in the car and I asked him (probably after hearing news about a violent activity in the streets), “what will we do if suddenly there’s a gun fight in front of us?”. I answered my own question, “Basta.. (Ano nga yun..thinking of the word) dunk tayo, dunk ha”. “Dunk?”, Eric asked. I then demonstrate going below the glove compartment.. Dunk! “Oh.. Duck!”, Eric suddenly made sense of it. ” Oh.. duck pala!” I realized my mistake. (“Of course I knew that.. Just forgot😋)”. Then Eric continued, “dunk..dunk!” Hmmmmm.. (Ganyan talaga!)

2. “Eric, I think we should have a garden sa condo unit.”
“Baka mahirap..” Eric said
“Oo nga! Sana, may (ano nga ‘yun? Thinking of the term) green hand ako!”
“Green thumb!” Eric blurted and laughed.
“Alam ko yun ‘no! Eh Bakit nga ba thumb eh buong kamay naman ginagamit?!?” (Di ba? Hehehe palusot!)

3. During the hype of the recent Star Wars movie, my daughters participated in the very intensive Philippine Schools Debate Championship in Ateneo. Both did not make it to the Final round though one made it to the Quarter finals. And I’m not sure whether what I told the eldest, when I heard they will be battling with more than a hundred teams for 3 days before being narrowed down to 32 teams during the Octofinals, mattered. While on the dinner table, I told my daughter with my big voice, recalling Star Wars, “Wipe them ALL, ALL of them”. And my daughter burst into laughter. “Wipe them out mommy, wipe them out!..” (“Oh! Hehe! Well You knew what I meant!).. “Yes mommy, we can probably clean them also..” (Hmmmmm..)

4. During a board game titled “Beat the Parents” , Eric was really impressing the kids by answering most of the trivia questions. And then there was this question about animals, and my kids gave a complaining sigh because the question (that was for us) was so easy.. “What type of animal is a lizard?”. I shouted, “Amhipibian! Amphibian!” “Mooooommmyyy!!” My family moaned! “Biologist?!?”, my daughter said with a playful sarcasm. “Oh wait (thinking, salamander?) Reptile! Reptile!! But you know it really looks like a frog..” (Sorry, Inaantok na ako nun!)

(Ninangkopo!!) Next time na uli… 😊

“A cheerful heart is good medicine..” (Proverbs 17:22)

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