Is there hope for our country? We are markedly divided about decisions (FOR versus AGAINST) on issues whose significance further divides us (TRIVIAL versus RELEVANT). And we are infiltrated by Amoral people without identity who liberally spew abusive words without regard for what is humanely acceptable, simply because they are accountable to no one..at least to no man.

Is there hope for our country? The very people we trusted to protect us in the past were they themselves partakers in the rampant proliferation of drug pushers and abusers; and now the cause of extrajudicial killings and heinous crimes to cleanse themselves of these illegal acts.

Is there hope for our country? Our politicians while probably right in probing events in the senate and congress to seek truth and justice create comedy in these venues by throwing inappropriate questions and remarks which trivialize and undermine the gravity of crime and violation. Some remarks and queries are so out of line that some people being questioned appear (!) more dignified.

Is there hope for our country? Sometimes the answer is to plain and too obvious but for whatever personal reasons we make a MOCKERY of our History and the Filipinos’ efforts to oust a dictator peacefully and finally be freed from two decades of stomach-turning abuses. We make a spectacle of ourselves as we neutralize something that we have been positively recognized and awarded for by the international community. Forgiveness is personal. God gave his Son to die for the forgiveness of sins (!). Forgiveness is personal to our God. Forgiveness is personal to each one who gives forgiveness. Forgiveness is not by proxy. And It cannot be imposed. And it should come from the victims and their families. Forgiveness is by grace, it cannot be imposed. Decisions by the leaders and justices of the land, if law must be used, at best, should represent the underdogs of this land (!)– those without power, without money, the downtrodden, the poor, the weak, the oppressed.

Is there hope for our country? When people care too much to the point of rigidity and narrow-mindedness? When some care too little, if at all, to utter a daily prayer? Or too busy for self and family to have time to offer the least sacrifice and show the smallest kindness to a countryman who is in need? Is there hope for our country?

Give me hope.


Hope in the Lord Ninang…

“Yes I will..thank you.”
“..You are my Father, my God, the Rock my Savior.” (Psalm 89:26)


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