Kamukha ko raw si ate Vi (star for all seasons Ninang!). Well, I think lahat ng maikli Ang buhok, oval yung face, at maputi ay kamukha ni Ate Vi. In fact, my mother also looks like Vilma Santos daw (wow! StarS for all seasons!). Pwede rin yung mother-in-law ko actually. 😬

So, do Ate Vi and myself have any other thing in common besides looks (naksss Ninang!)? Hehe. Well, we both love dancing for one (I mean she dances). Long ago, I also used to act and participate in plays on makeshift stages in the province during fiestas. I think I was hailed best actress one time (“My brother is not a pig.. my brother is not a pig..” uyyy, si Nora Aunor pala ‘yun.. “Hindi s’ya pusa!!!” Yun si Jon Santos naman! “I want to thank the Academy of Bolbok Barangay Sang Virgen for this award..”). I love singing too.. though I do get out of tune intermittently (have you ever been out of tune Ate Vi?). I got linked with many men..Well, in my dreams, a.k.a., crushes (“Love, you’re my only one” 😋). And, she’s now a Batanguena! (Ala eh Ninang ko po!). Maybe I should also pursue a career in politics.

I wish I was indeed the Star for all Seasons. With all her achievements, awards, and good looks (remember magkamukha kami 😬. ), who wouldn’t really want to be her? But the truth is, during the “Ate Vi versus Ate Guy” time, I was leaning more towards Nora (Kung umitim at nagkanunal ako, feeling ko kamukha ko rin sya!). I mean, picture this: conservative Nora who made it from rags to riches with her golden voice and acting prowess, shy Nora always humble in speech using the Filipino language.. meek in demeanor, the seeming underdog.. she easily won my heart! I never expected how they turned out. One has broken the law; the other upholds it. Between someone who does “bold” movies and one who doesn’t do kissing scenes on screen, who would have thought it’s the former who would be a really good government official (Gov Vi!).

Enough of showbiz! 😬 Being called Ate Vi, and remembering “star for all seasons” reminded me of the highs and lows and below-the-belt Seasons of Life (different floods of emotion).  Imagine the varied feelings from these activities:  Attending dinner parties and celebrating with friends and family.. turning on the car radio and hearing politicians bickering, and every sad and frustrating news.. partaking in work and discussion meant to bring women and couples to the great plan that God has for them.. reporting to my workplace and seeing and smelling indigent patients hardly surviving their sickness and lot in life… going to the classroom and seeing students eagerly affirming they understand and appreciate my lesson.. Giving a lecture and feeling panicky and sweaty lacking full knowledge of what I am teaching.. resting and watching TV… Going to a critical patient late Sunday (!) night… Feeling good.. Feeling bad.. Feeling excited.. Becoming sad. Wow! Seasons of Life.. Seasons in a day.. ups and downs.. left and right. I am not the Star of these seasons.

So here is just reminding myself and you (thanks for taking the time to read up to this point. God bless you!) that there is only one star we should look at in every season of our lives. One God (!)- loving, just yet gracious, powerful- who cares for you. Do not be proud in seasons of plenty (share!). Don’t be disheartened in seasons of lack (and I’m not just talking about money!). Whether you’re crying or laughing, downtrodden or hopeful, look to God and praise Him always. And He will give you a state that can transcend all seasons of life– Peace (and while you’re alive!); and help you fulfill the purpose of it all– Point people to Him, the Bright Light (STAR!) for all Seasons. 😋
– Ninang roller-coaster thoughts

“Look to the Lord and his strength;
seek his face always.
Remember the wonders he has done,
his miracles, and the judgments he pronounced..” (1 Chronicles 16:11-12)

“Preach the Word; be prepared in season and out of season; correct, rebuke and encourage–with great patience and careful instruction.” (2 Timothy 4:2)

“Dahil ikaw Lord, dahil ikaw Lord
Dahil ikaw Lord
Ang Star ng Pasko
At lahat ng Seasons sa mundo..” (Modified ‘Star ng Pasko’) 😋

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