Doctor, doctor are you sick? (Ninang! You are back!)


Two doctors to the barrio slain.. doctors possibly sued for malpractice for the unexpected death of a patient while undergoing aesthetic surgery.. an honorary doctorate degree being offered to the President.. Doctor, doctor are you sick?

No this article is not to dissect the intricacies and frailties of our justice system. This is not to audit the mistakes and vulnerabilities of doctors and undermine the good that they do. This article is not about enumerating reasons why Duterte is not deserving the privilege (as president) of the honor, excellence, and integrity a UP degree stands for (wasn’t Marcos from UP Ninang?– “Oh, never again!” And Ninang, how many from UP are now abroad enriching themselves, and have forgotten their country? “Whose side are you on dear? And that’s not the point. Though you have a point..”)

This is about me (it’s your blog after all Ninang!). Kidding. This is about sickness and healing. We all need healing; and all In us and around us need healing. I think we are all called to be doctors (even Duterte Ninang? “Yup”.) Because all are sick and need to be restored.- You, me, Duterte, our society, country, world, body, mind, and spirit.

The funny thing is “doctor” doesn’t mean “to heal”. “Doctor” comes from the latin word “docere” which means “to show, teach, cause to know”. A medical doctor is someone well versed in the science of medicine (so dapat Healer, healer, I am sick Ninang? “Pwede!”). Having the title is more indicative of higher, even highest learning, in a specific field. Like being a doctor of Philosophy (philosophy meaning “love of wisdom”) in the sciences, humanities, and others. But customarily, we associate doctor to someone who cures sickness (so Doc Ninang pa rin!).

We can’t all be doctors but we can be healers. That may be the reason all these alternative medicine is cropping up (people don’t want to study too much and too long anymore.. “hmmmmm”). There is an innate longing to bring healing regardless of degree attained. And there’s a pull towards looking after the totality of the individual’s (mental, emotional, spiritual) health, a.k.a. holistic medicine. And hopefully with sincerity and not just for profit.

That’s the same in society.  Many believe and adhere to the science of politics, economics, management, and the rule of law taught in major universities, in fixing society.  They work with the system and what is understood about the system. But devious politicians find loopholes to benefit from the system, a.k.a. “within” the law. And we are led to believe into thinking they are doing what’s best for the people (some have been found out and went to prison Ninang! “Yes, but how many more and how much?” Change is coming Ninang!) And there are those with appalling demeanor and behavior contrary to mainstream conduct (or science!)- drastic, alternative, healing of society. Should he be “doctor”? I don’t know honestly. Only that, everything should be within the law of God– preserving, if not upholding life for all, especially the sick and the poor.

There was a man (and God) who was both doctor and healer without any degree. He healed the sick (MD). He taught with authority (PhD) and looked after the poor (PD-doctor of the Poor!). He desired (and desires) to heal both person and society with his teachings (and sacrifice!).  The word “Healer” actually points to Jesus.  And I quote from (reliable ba yan Ninang?), being “healer”, from late Old English, is the “one who heals,” especially “savior, Jesus,”. The usual Old English noun for Jesus as savior was hæland (Middle English healend), a noun use of a present participle, being a rough translation of the name of Latin salvator”. Jesus saved the world from sin. He saves and heals us when we believe and repent and follow him. He is the ultimate healer. He is Our Healer. He is our doctor.

And guess what? We are called to be like Him.. Healer by Faith, restoring the body, mind and spirit, bringing them to their full potential and prepared for optimum use.. degree or no degree. We are all called to be healers of society- teaching obedience to the word of God (Love God above all and love others as yourself!) and serving each other; restoring the function of each member, so we may all live peaceful and fruitful lives for God’s glory.

Person/Society: Doctor, doctor We are sick. Come our Healer very quick! Healer, Healer, shall I “die”?
Our Healer, Lord, and Savior Jesus: No my darling… I already died for you.😊
— Ninang healed thoughts
“Then he said to her, Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace.” (Luke 8:48)

“Then he said to him, Rise and go; your faith has made you well.” (Luke 17:19)

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