LOVE Fiercely

LOVE fiercely... Painfully  Truthfully  Willfully.  Love fiercely...Persistently  Non-judgingly Unselfishly. Love fiercely... In thoughts Actions  And words. Today Tomorrow  And Without regrets... LOVE FIERCELY Him Her... Me. “No one has ever seen God; if we love one another, God abides in us and his love is perfected in us.” (1 John 4:12) “...for God gave us … Continue reading LOVE Fiercely


DEBATE? D'BAIT? ('di)*ABATE? Debate- arguing especially in a formal manner. I don't like debating. But somehow in many circumstances I find myself arguing for my position. My highschool classmate thought I was going to be a lawyer since we debated often (did you win Ninang? "He said, always 😋"). But I want to believe I … Continue reading DEBATE? D’BAIT? (‘di)*ABATE?

GOOD VIBES.. BAD VIBES (Vibes tayo Ninang ha!)

GOOD VIBES.. BAD VIBES (Vibes tayo Ninang ha!) I envied people with good vibes. People like them. I like them. Without speaking, without smiling (well maybe a little), they make people comfortable just being there. Charismatic, trustworthy by default, they speak, and we loosen up. I needed more effort to be liked. I don't give … Continue reading GOOD VIBES.. BAD VIBES (Vibes tayo Ninang ha!)


MORE! We don't have enough. We can't be content with enough. Enough is not enough. We need more. Spouses separate. Friendship ends. A child leaves home. Trainees quit. A person takes his life. An employee steals. Lovers elope. A mother curses. Unforgiveness. Enough!!! They need more. More effort to show appreciation. More patience. More understanding. … Continue reading MORE!