DEBATE? D'BAIT? ('di)*ABATE? Debate- arguing especially in a formal manner. I don't like debating. But somehow in many circumstances I find myself arguing for my position. My highschool classmate thought I was going to be a lawyer since we debated often (did you win Ninang? "He said, always 😋"). But I want to believe I … Continue reading DEBATE? D’BAIT? (‘di)*ABATE?

The Path of Lesser Resistance (Least Ninang!)

The Path of Lesser Resistance (Least Ninang!) Who doesn't want life to be easy? But life wasn't meant to be easy. In fairy tales, in blockbuster movies, in biographies of famous personalities, in the Bible itself, difficulties are essential to life and living well. But people would most often do what is easy. And get … Continue reading The Path of Lesser Resistance (Least Ninang!)