THE (he)ART OF IGNOREMI (not in the dictionary Ninang!)
“Good sense makes one slow to anger,
and it is his glory to overlook an offense.” (Proverbs 19:11)

I am a student of this art called Ignoremi. Being confrontational does not help me at all. When you want conflicts settled instantly, feelings out in the open, opinions verbalized, learning Ignoremi may just be the most difficult task.

Ignoremi is the art of letting go of a tactless remark, eyeball rolling, unfounded claims, incomprehensible reasoning, thoughtless act, unrelenting stubbornness (double jeopardy yan Ninang!) without bloodshed. Or at least without the exchange of hurtful words, threats, and for some, flying utensils (no knives please!), pencils, pillows, books, plates, glasses, vase (just like in the movies Ninang!). The art of Ignoremi holds friendship, families, and organizations, and societies together.

Ignoremi is not about denying the existence of problems that can undermine relationships. It’s about ignoring the trivial stuff (though trivial can be in contention) to keep relationships. Ignoremi is focusing on the essential rather than the little annoyances to strengthen bonds. Ignore, but with the aim to promote harmony and progress, more than to relieve irritation or exercise perceived right and authority. It is not to turn a blind eye on what constitutes justice, but to work (hard!) for good, than complain about the bad, or retaliate in anger. That is the art. That is the heart.

If you think relationships and peace are worth keeping, practice the art of Ignoremi. Ignore him. Ignore her. Ignore me. Ignore yourself even! As long as ignoring will promote peace, uphold love, and bring productivity (Ignore!) Move on to fruitful thoughts and endeavors. Ignore fear that paralyzes, anxiety that causes restlessness, envy that reflects ingratitude, haunting irritation; and doubt that leads to anger, depression, or insecurity.

But the heart of Ignoremi is difficult and tricky. It cannot be used to deny due respect and courtesy. In the wrong hands, the outcome will not be peace but war (not for children Ninang?). It must be used for the right situation. Because by experience, there are overlapping indications for the art of Ignoremi and the practice of Justhugme. And I think men are most susceptible to confusion (I think they are overusing Ignoremi Ninang!). Yes, the art and heart of Ignoremi is hard. But to those who persist to learn (like me!) and use it wisely (oh please let me!), the rewards, I think, are great! 😊

— Ninang thoughts that I can’t ignore 😬

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