IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS (Text greeting na Lang Ninang?)

IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS (Text greeting na Lang Ninang?)
Where have the Christmas cards gone (musical card Ninang? “Hindi pa uso dati yun.”) I remember when I was in elementary, I used to write Christmas Cards to a number of my classmates. I can’t remember buying gifts; I remember preparing cards. I’m not sure now whether my Dad gives me a supply of Christmas cards from the bank he used to work in or from other sources. I can’t remember buying, but I remember writing. Did I just make the cards myself (Ninang, senior moments?). Oh well, it’s the thought that counts (disappearing thoughts? 😋 Peace, Ninang!)

Anyway, yes, in gift giving, it’s the thought that counts! God loves a cheerful giver and regardless of the price of the gift (or the card), we can either be happy or hesitant in giving. We can be hesitant to give the cheapest gift to a foe; and we can be the happiest to give an expensive gift (equivalent to a month’s salary!) to a much appreciated person. We can just give a small gift to a friend, but with cheer and excitement, because it will be valued regardless of the cost. Or give a big gift to a person we are indebted to, but still feel lacking because the person may not need it at all (so card na Lang Ninang? “Pwede!”).

The joy in giving is less likely to depend on the joy of the given, as much as in the intention of the giver. It’s your thought that counts. Is it to bring joy or to match a favor? Is it to fulfill the desire of your heart, or to answer the needs of others? Is it just a routine thing to do, or an extraordinary opportunity to seize? Is it a hasty one time tangible act to impress; or a symbolic (meaning card Ninang?) commitment to give oneself for a lifetime (expect a card Ninong!). Though thoughts are expressed through actions (or gifts!), not all actions (or gifts!) are known to you or visible at all. The gift of prayer, when earnestly done, may be the best gift you can receive or give to yourself (are we talking about the prayer for salvation Ninang? “Yup.. Or healing..”).

It’s the thought that counts. And there is no price to a thought, a well-wish, or being remembered. Gift or card, Gift or No Gift, give yourself and others the benefit of the thought. Know you are loved. And you are thought of..still. Think of them too.. and probably, if you can remember, let them know your thoughts (they count).

(Gift ko Ninang ha! “It’s the thought that counts! I-Text kita!” 😋)

– Ninang sharing thoughts in lieu of gifts (in case you don’t receive any) this Christmas 😊
“Do everything in love.” (1 Corinthians 16:14)

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith–and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God– not by works, so that no one can boast.”(Ephesians 2:8-9)

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