“Unforeseen circumstances are everywhere around you and me— but the sovereign God knows nothing about unforeseen circumstances.  He has seen the end from the beginning. He never needs to ask what is in a man.  He knows every man.  So there can be no unforeseen circumstances.”

When man out of his free will, given by God in His sovereignty, chooses not to surrender his life to God, then he will live as he chooses, if that is life at all, and lose in the end..  “Whoever is not on God’s side is on the losing side.”

Surrender and have peace.  Surrender completely, always, and fully live.

“There will be no conscripts marching in the armies of heaven.  Everyone will be there because he exercised his freedom to choose to believe in Jesus Christ and surrender to the will of God.”

(Quotations from God’s Sovereignty by A.W. Tozer)

“I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” — Jesus, Our Lord and Savior, in John 14:6

“Why do you contend against him…?” (Job 33:13)

Let us pray:
Heavenly Father, indeed I am sinner.  I am unworthy.  But because of your love for me, you counted me worthy to be saved and spend eternity with you, by the blood and sacrifice of your son Jesus. I believe in you! I believe Jesus, alone, is Lord and Savior. No amount of good works can earn me a life with you— Only by your grace through faith on the finished work of Jesus on the cross.  I receive him as my Lord and savior.  Help me live a life surrendered to your will. Help me discern your will and accomplish it, in you, with you, through you, for thy honor and glory.  And may I bring this Good News of salvation in Jesus to those who don’t know Him yet.  And to those who heard and cannot believe, I pray for your grace to be upon them, in the name of your son, and God himself, Jesus,  by the power of your most  Holy Spirit. Amen.

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