Recently, a move by some senators to call for the resignation of  the Department of Health Secretary has brought mixed feelings to different people.  Although the quality, quantity, and timeliness of efforts and programs of government leave room for improvement,  as my colleague said, the timing seems off.  Thus the motive and appropriateness are questioned. … Continue reading CHANGE ME


“Unforeseen circumstances are everywhere around you and me— but the sovereign God knows nothing about unforeseen circumstances.  He has seen the end from the beginning. He never needs to ask what is in a man.  He knows every man.  So there can be no unforeseen circumstances.”When man out of his free will, given by God … Continue reading GOD SEES US

Hope for the World in the time of COVID-19

Hope for the World in the Time of COVID-19  The world is busy in work, play, and rest.  Man is separated by land, money, and fortune.Covid-19 takes the world by surprise.Fear, anxiety, and uncertainty loom. Man is connected by dread, emotions, and flickering hope.Man seeks cure and prevention of disease.How is this supposed to end Lord?  Man sees … Continue reading Hope for the World in the time of COVID-19