GREET EXPECTATIONS!One of the greatest deterrent to happiness is to constantly think of the expectations of others; and make them expectations of ourselves. When we allow society to define us and set our direction in life, we set ourselves up for “great expectations” that cannot be met; not for a sustained period anyway.  I have … Continue reading GREET EXPECTATIONS (Great? Ninang?) 😊

Hope for the World in the time of COVID-19

Hope for the World in the Time of COVID-19  The world is busy in work, play, and rest.  Man is separated by land, money, and fortune.Covid-19 takes the world by surprise.Fear, anxiety, and uncertainty loom. Man is connected by dread, emotions, and flickering hope.Man seeks cure and prevention of disease.How is this supposed to end Lord?  Man sees … Continue reading Hope for the World in the time of COVID-19