THE TRIPPING POINT (wrong spelling Ninang..)

THE TRIPPING POINT No, it has not been misspelled. No, not "tipping" point,  but "tripping" point. This is not the time when small things contribute to big successes, as in the book of Malcom Gladwell. On the contrary, it's how success and power, when used wrongly can lead to failure. "Tripping point", a.k.a. "power tripping", … Continue reading THE TRIPPING POINT (wrong spelling Ninang..)


THE INVISIBLE WAR (On Guard!) Life is most often a challenge not because of happenings but thoughts and assumptions springing from pride and doubt. It is not so much the battle of making a living or a good reputation, a battle against sickness or crime as much as a battle against insecurities, fear, uncontrolled emotions, … Continue reading THE INVISIBLE WAR (On Guard!)

Success, Peace, a(I)Nd..COOKING!

SUCCESS, PEACE, a(I)Nd COOKING (Proud of you Ninang! 😋😋) Just follow directions! It has always been in my mind to try.. In my heart to set an example to my daughters.. My dream to please my husband (in another way 😋.. besides engaging in intelligent discussion hehe😘). But it took me seventeen years to finally … Continue reading Success, Peace, a(I)Nd..COOKING!