The JUSTICE in Dengvaxia

The JUSTICE in Dengvaxia The truth is we will never know the truth. No matter how elaborate the inquiry. People are clouded by emotions, self-interests, biases, even science. Highlighting bad science (bad decision) that offsets the good of science (much needed, time-tested immunization program) is failure of science. Who really is at fault? That may … Continue reading The JUSTICE in Dengvaxia

LIGHTS.. CAMERA.. ACTION! (Showbiz Ninang!)

LIGHTS.. CAMERA.. ACTION! (Showbiz Ninang!) It's showbusiness! Life is beginning to be now more than ever. After all we have social media to broadcast the highlights of our days. There are action stories of challenges and life lessons. There are comedies and funny anecdotes which brighten our day (except for comedy in the senate or … Continue reading LIGHTS.. CAMERA.. ACTION! (Showbiz Ninang!)