DEBATE? D'BAIT? ('di)*ABATE? Debate- arguing especially in a formal manner. I don't like debating. But somehow in many circumstances I find myself arguing for my position. My highschool classmate thought I was going to be a lawyer since we debated often (did you win Ninang? "He said, always 😋"). But I want to believe I … Continue reading DEBATE? D’BAIT? (‘di)*ABATE?

Répondez s’il vous plaît

Répondez s'il vous plaît (Tu parle francais Ninang?) Please respond. That's the literal translation of the commonly used acronym RSVP. It's normally used for social invitations. Respond please. And though it's just a choice between "attending" and "not attending", many people have difficulty signifying their intention. Probably because of the "maybe", and the "I'm not sure"- … Continue reading Répondez s’il vous plaît

GOOD VIBES.. BAD VIBES (Vibes tayo Ninang ha!)

GOOD VIBES.. BAD VIBES (Vibes tayo Ninang ha!) I envied people with good vibes. People like them. I like them. Without speaking, without smiling (well maybe a little), they make people comfortable just being there. Charismatic, trustworthy by default, they speak, and we loosen up. I needed more effort to be liked. I don't give … Continue reading GOOD VIBES.. BAD VIBES (Vibes tayo Ninang ha!)