Répondez s’il vous plaît

Répondez s'il vous plaît (Tu parle francais Ninang?) Please respond. That's the literal translation of the commonly used acronym RSVP. It's normally used for social invitations. Respond please. And though it's just a choice between "attending" and "not attending", many people have difficulty signifying their intention. Probably because of the "maybe", and the "I'm not sure"- … Continue reading Répondez s’il vous plaît


MORE! We don't have enough. We can't be content with enough. Enough is not enough. We need more. Spouses separate. Friendship ends. A child leaves home. Trainees quit. A person takes his life. An employee steals. Lovers elope. A mother curses. Unforgiveness. Enough!!! They need more. More effort to show appreciation. More patience. More understanding. … Continue reading MORE!

WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO? (Can they find their way home Ninang?)

WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO? (Can they find their way home Ninang?) I have never broken up with any guy except my husband. Then of course we made up; broke up, made up, broke up, made up (how many times Ninang?? "I don't know how many times exactly!")...broke up weeks before the wedding, made up … Continue reading WHERE DO BROKEN HEARTS GO? (Can they find their way home Ninang?)

Simply Complicated (oxymoron Ninang!)

SIMPLY COMPLICATED "Buti pa dati Connie, simple lang ang buhay." Once in a while I will remember my bestfriend telling me a few years back. And this is coming from a simple friend from the province who taught me to appreciate the smallest things. "Wow! Ang Ganda!" she will often blurt out. I can't remember … Continue reading Simply Complicated (oxymoron Ninang!)